Where is 56th and Wabasha? "Meet Me in the Morning" Dylan Mystery Solved

Short version The lyric is not "Fifty-sixth and Wabasha", it is actually "Fifty-six and Wabasha", referring to the intersection of old Minnesota Highway 56 and Wabasha Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. If you listen, you can hear Dylan sing "fifty-six", rather than "fifty-sixth", particularly on the take that was released as the B-side to "Duquesne Whistle". Minnesota Highway 56 no longer intersects Wabasha Street, but from 1963 to 1974 it did intersect Wabasha Street, at what is now (in Feb. 2021) the intersection of George Street and Cesar Chavez Street in St. Paul, or possibly South Wabasha & Cesar Chavez.  Long Version "Meet Me in the Morning" is the first song on side two of Bob Dylan's celebrated 1975 album  Blood on the Tracks. In the opening lines of the song, according to the lyrics on Bob Dylan's official site (, the narrator invites the listener to a rendez

Flash lit: Battle Scars

His skin was covered in old scars and bright tattoos, and he reclined languidly on the cushions as I cleaned him up. The history of his skin made no sense: The colors and lines of the tattoos were vivid and sharp, like they'd been done last week. But the scars that defaced them looked decades old: cruel and terrible, but faded with time. I couldn't figure out how and old scar could deface a new tattoo. In the warm lamplight, he looked like the vandalized portrait a saint. Vandalized first by a brilliant graffiti artist who liked trolls and turtles and runes and fire. And then again by some sick flayer with the dark art of hurtling wounds deep into your past.  If the scars still pained him, he showed no sign of it. Spent and drained, he looked beautiful through my bloodcrush eyes. No doubt when his blood wore off he'd be all dopey grins and stooped posture and middle age again. No doubt he  still  was all that; I just didn't have to notice it for a while, not with

After Dinner

BOOM BOOM BOOM . The knock was coming from the floor, from under one of the worn Cathyssian carpets Kyle used to try to give his Spiretonian loft some kind of coziness. Sometimes the goblin drugmongers downstairs pounded on the ceiling if he was making too much noise, but Kyle had been having a quiet evening too himself. He was sorting his latest Beastclash card acquisitions and stuffing his face with food so he’d have enough blood to feed his newly adopted vampire daughter, who’d be waking up in an hour or so. He couldn’t think of anything he’d done to annoy them. They’d been friendly since the Loot division several days ago. BOOM BOOM BOOM . The knock came again. It sounded like they were trying to get his attention. Why didn’t they come to the door? Kyle got up and walked over to the spot on the carpet where the knock was coming from. There was a slight bump, as if there was something under the rug. Could that somehow be what was annoying them? Kyle grew suspic

Troll bard

People try to cut me down (talkin' 'bout regeneration) Just because I'm green and brown (talkin' 'bout regeneration) I don't need no s-s-saving throw (talkin' 'bout regeneration) Hack my limbs and they regrow (talkin' 'bout regeneration) This is regeneration This is regeneration, baby Why don't you all r-run away (talkin' 'bout regeneration) I'm really very hard to s-s-slay (talkin' 'bout regeneration) Unless you've got di-s-s-sintegration (talkin' 'bout regeneration) I'll come back by re-g-g-generation (talkin' 'bout regeneration)

Jeff Sessions and Special Needs Education

My wife wrote an essay about our experience and how Jeff Sessions seems poorly suited to look after the interests of special needs education: Many people in the disability community are concerned that Sessions may fail to uphold the educational rights of children with disabilities. In a 2000 speech to the U.S. Senate titled, Education Discipline and IDEA , Sessions argued that “special treatment for certain children…may be the single most irritating problem for teachers throughout America today.” He was referring to children with documented disabilities who meet the strict eligibility criteria for receiving special education services. The underlying message in the speech is that children with disabilities who exhibit behavioral challenges should be disciplined or segregated from their peers in general education.

Time to animate a dead horse

We're gettin' necromantic folks. The calamity of the probable election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency is prompting me to dust off my old political blog. Let's do what we can to save our nation from this unfolding disaster.

Just seeing if this thing is alive

I'm testing.