Friday, July 18, 2008

Digby's Deep Thought

Maybe the charade has a deeper, more sinister purpose:
Travelling by airplane in the US is nothing more than mass training of Americans to the requirements of the coming police state. The whole point is to make you learn to acquiesce without question, en masse, to completely absurd directives by dull functionaries wearing uniforms.
While I don't think Digby is too serious, I agree that it's a bad habit to stop getting pissed off about this sort of thing. Stop the homeland security charade. Anyone I've spoken to who knows anything about security thinks the measures taken by the TSA are almost entirely theatrical and do almost nothing to make us safer. And they cost oodles of cash to implement and cause mega-oodles of dollars worth of inconvenience to our economy. A positive mention from Internal Monologue to any politician, Republican or Democrat or otherwise, who spends some political capital to reduce this insanity.


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