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Our cat is missing from our house on Broadway in Alameda, CA.

Name: “Kitty” Missing from our house on Broadway in Alameda CA. Last seen Thursday September 10th near Broadway & Washington. Still missing as of 9/27/09.

If found, please email Zac at zdrake314[at]hotmail[dot]com. (Change [at] and [dot] to "@" and "." respectively.) You can also leave contact info on this post.

She is much missed and we would happily provide a $100 reward for her safe return.

Appearance: small female cat, stripped with orange markings, cute face, people friendly, not de-clawed. She’s not wearing the tag or collar shown in this picture.

Quinn's first day of new school

He seems to be settling in nicely!

Don't shave off your eyebrows

It's easier to recognize faces that lack eyes than those that lack eyebrows. I've always been a bit vain about my own prominent eyebrows, and found over-plucking & over-thinning rather creepy when I see it on other people. Maybe this study explains that reaction somewhat.

My rather awesome looking house

If only it had a foundation. And a kitchen. And a furnace. And a
master bathroom sink. And...

Graphical Representation of Beethoven's 5th, 1st movement

This is an excellent music theory and composition lesson and general cool thing. It really highlights the structural repetitions and multiple uses of the same figure ("da-da-da-DUH!") in different voices and places:

Highbrow "tagging"


Quinn and his second cousins at his great uncle Leo's 70th birthday

Quinn, far right, with his second cousins. Photo by Stephanie Sakai-Cheng taken at the Metropolitan Club in San Francisco.

I live here now!

I'm squinting into the sun in front of my house. We moved in on Friday.

Zac to do staged reading with Shailja Patel in Oakland September 12th 3pm

Portrait of Shailja taken by Cato Lein at WALTIC in Stockholm 2008.

I have the great honor of doing a staged reading of excerpts from Bwagamoyo (The Father): Part II of Migritude. Here's the information from Shailja's calendar:
September 12th, Excerpts from Bwagamoyo, Oakland Staged reading of excerpts from Bwagamoyo: The Father - Part II of Migritude
Guest Actor: Zachary Drake [that's me!]
Followed by Q and A with the audience
Saturday September 12th
3pm - 5pm
Oakopolis Gallery
447 25th Street (between Broadway and Telegraph)

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Phone: 510-663-6520 Email:
$5 - $20 (sliding scale)For more info in the show itself, see here. The opening lines:
The most telling - and compelling - line of a man's body is that place where his neck joins his shoulder. From which the head extends, retracts, responds. It can be beautiful in its cleanness and purpose. Its strength and flexibility, its balance and alignment. It can…