Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our cat is missing from our house on Broadway in Alameda, CA.

Name: “Kitty” Missing from our house on Broadway in Alameda CA. Last seen Thursday September 10th near Broadway & Washington. Still missing as of 9/27/09.

If found, please email Zac at zdrake314[at]hotmail[dot]com. (Change [at] and [dot] to "@" and "." respectively.) You can also leave contact info on this post.

She is much missed and we would happily provide a $100 reward for her safe return.

Appearance: small female cat, stripped with orange markings, cute face, people friendly, not de-clawed. She’s not wearing the tag or collar shown in this picture.


Blogger grishnash said...

As a veteran of the lost cat search, I have to say that the point at which you think it's been way too long with no sign of the cat is the time when it's best to intensify the search. They tend to "lay low" for a week or two at first, then start making neighborhood appearances. Our lost cat didn't make her first reappearance for 17 days.

Some good resources for what to do are here:


9:41 AM, September 29, 2009  
Anonymous bill in minneapolis said...

That is so sad. I hope Kitty will show up at her new home in Alameda.

Moving is a challenge for everyone, even the pets !

4:39 PM, October 01, 2009  

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