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Venn diagram of mythical creatures

Not really all that useful, but fun:

Image from Flickr.

“There really is an app for almost anything, even when there shouldn’t be.”

Note: This is a parody, thank goodness. Alas, if it weren't for Apple's review process, I'm sure it wouldn't be.

Via Feministing.

Oh my God, some people go to IKEA for fun

In Beijing, some people go to IKEA just for fun. This is very disturbing to me. Things must be very bad in Beijing if people take refuge in that disorienting hellhole. I don't remember things being so bad when I was in Beijing 19 years ago. But then I was a pampered tourist. I can understand wanting to escape from the heat, humidity, press of people, and gaudiness though.

I think my shock that anyone would spend leisure time there says something about how privileged I am.

Private industry offers low co-pay for essential services! Thank God those things aren't run by the government!

Now we can enjoy the benefits of the destruction of socialism!
We Defeated Socialism! INSUROCORP! - watch more funny videos

256 kinds of awesome: a LEGO-animation tribute to 8-bit video games

Oh yeah, here's "8-bit trip":

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II

Watch Robot.Chicken - Star Wars Episode II in Comedy | View More Free Videos Online at

This is another video of the sort that had us cracking up at GenCon. Episode I is here.

Quote of the Day

"The real world is something for people who can't face science fiction."
-André Müller via Mad Latinist on Facebook.

Putting the "cul" in "Dracula" [NOT SAFE FOR WORK]

This had us laughing hysterically at GenCon. What that says about us, I'm not sure. Definitely not safe for work or for those with any taste or decency. This blog has subsequent episodes, which aren't as good in my opinion. (HT: Mad Latinist.)

When the Robotrons can do your work, is socialism the only answer?

An interesting editorial about the problem of superfluous people. You may be secure now, but at some point some computer program or robot will probably be able to do your job at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your current lifestyle. Our economic system will need to adjust to this. It seems to me that if machines can do your job, that should be a good thing rather than a bad thing. You should be able to pursue other interests. But that's not how our system works.

Humans have dormant gene that produces HIV resistance

The ability to reawaken retrocyclin genes from their 7 million years of slumber using aminoglycosides could provide a novel way to secure enhanced resistance to HIV-1 infection.Via Jak Koke on Facebook.

Update: a more readable article on the same subject.

Awesome beyond all description: a Brazilian PSA for peeing in the shower to save water

I think this is the greatest thing ever. And I don't even understand the Portuguese:

Zac devolved!

Zac as a Homo erectus

Watch me morph back into various pre-modern hominids! I think I look best as a Homo erectus or Homo heidelbergensis.

You can do yourself too.

Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator

One of the better satirical responses to the "birther" lunacy: the Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator.

Lego 80's arcade

LEGOs and classic 80's arcade games. What could be better?

A short documentary on Dungeons & Dragons featuring Zac

Some students at Ex'pression College put together this 5 minute documentary on Dungeons & Dragons which features some footage of me and my gaming group. I don't like how my hair looks, but other than that I think it's pretty good.

A stroll through Sun City, Roseville CA

Visiting Sarah's parents for a couple days.