Monday, May 03, 2010

Can we figure out a way of acknowledging Israel's nuclear weapons?

It seems to me that in order to proceed with any reality-based nuclear non-proliferation strategy, the United States must figure out a way to publicly acknowledge what everyone already knows: Israel has nuclear weapons. Pretending this is not the case makes us look like doofuses or hypocrites and severely undercuts any moral authority we have to persuade other countries not to acquire them or to give them up.

Here's something from the Washington Times that I didn't know:
It is illegal in Israel for newspapers to print that the country has nuclear arms.
What?!?!? How can there be any serious discussion of Israel's military or geopolitical situation in Israel's newspapers if they can't state such a fundamental reality? It would be like trying to talk about the Viking's offense without mentioning that Favre is quarterback. It makes all such discussions laughably silly.

No wonder forging peace is so difficult: the taboos and weirdness are so deep that we can't even talk about obvious things. Can we please figure out a way to acknowledge basic realities in public?


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