Monday, June 21, 2010

Saving Detroit with Immigrants

Here's a good idea: save Detroit by letting people immigrate there. Detroit has a big problem: its population is declining. Lots of people in the world have a big problem: they live in areas much worse than Detroit. Solution for both: let those people come to Detroit to start an immigration-based economic revival.

This is not within the realm of possibility given our current politics, but "current politics" is hardly something I'm interested in preserving if it gets in the way of a solution to a problem.

And there's also the question: What about all those "worse places" where the immigrants come from? When the brightest/most ambitious/most well-connected in those areas leave for Detroit, what happens to those places? Do they suffer? Does net human suffering go up or down when people move to a better situation? Certainly, the people who move are probably better off, but what about those left behind? Do those places benefit from having a presumably more prosperous immigrant community in the United States?


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