Friday, January 14, 2011

Dude, this is awesome: Food printers!

Here's one kind of printer for which I'd be particularly hesitant to buy 3rd-party cartridges from shady eBay dealers: a food printer. Gizmodo:
Scientists at Cornell University's Computational Synthesis Lab are developing a commercially-available "3D food printer" that would allow users to "print" meals using "raw food 'inks'" inside syringes. Sounds delicious!

Cooking is so hard, what with "ingredients" and "recipes" and "having to leave your house to go shopping." So thank goodness for the fab@home project [link added] an open-source collaboration on 3D printer technology that's developing a "food printer" intended for home use.
The whole idea of a custom manufacturing unit in your house is awesome, and it sounds like the technology is coming together. Think of how many D&D minis I could make!!! And they'd be perfectly customized to my exact specifications, assuming the proper design software existed.


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