We're not supposed to talk about the guns

So I understand from the twitter scolds that we are not supposed to talk about this mass murder except to share clinical details about what happened and express condolences to the victims. The shutting down any discussion of the social, cultural and political implications of yet another horrific act of deadly gun violence is becoming more and more successful after each event.
Amen. Let's stop pretending there's nothing we can do about this. I'd like to make gun control a politically respectable issue again. I think there should be a hell of a lot of red tape involved in owning a gun. I don't think the Second Amendment refers to individuals, but rather to a "well-regulated militia".


Heraldblog said…
I conceded the gun control debate to the right wing years ago. I didn't think it was worth the time and effort to push for more gun laws. The crazies won. Time to move on. It's insane that it takes an unthinkable act of violence to jump start honest debate about gun ownership.

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