Thursday, September 30, 2010

Las Vegas hotel's curved, reflective surface focuses sunlight into "death ray"

This is just awesome (except for the, you know, pain and injuries):
Guests at a new hotel in Las Vegas have complained of receiving severe burns from a 'death ray' of sunlight caused by the unique design of the building.

Due to the concave shape of the Vdara hotel, the strong Nevada sun reflects off its all-glass front and directly onto sections of the swimming pool area below.

The result has left some guests with burns from the powerful rays and even plastic bags have been recorded as melting in the heat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take this image down immediately. It may already be too late.

7:58 AM, December 15, 2010  
Blogger Christopher said...

Las Vegas is fantastic!
I'm in a hotel in Calafate and then I'm going to Nevada!

4:53 PM, February 09, 2011  

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