Thursday, December 09, 2010

D&D Alignment charts for TV show characters

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Here's a wonderful occasion for nerdly argument: The blog is posting D&D alignment charts for various TV shows, with each box filled with a character from the show (using the AD&D through 3.5 alignment system, of course). There's The Wire, Mad Men, Thirty Rock, and others. I think the desire to fill each alignment box produces an artificial constraint, but otherwise the project is wholly admirable (HT: Miguel via Facebook).

To kick off debate, I assert that within the moral universe of The Wire, Omar clearly falls on the "good" portion of the good-evil axis. He has a code of honor, he cares for others, and he's the only person who doesn't swear. He even takes his grandma to church. Yes, he robs people, but "It's all in the game": he preys only upon drug dealers.

And yes, I agree that the current Betty is chaotic evil, but that's just because it seems like the writers hate her at the moment. That makes her uninteresting, which is the worst thing a character can be.

UPDATE: Ta-Nehisi Coates chimes in on this topic of vital importance.


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