Storyteller Dice Roller

Jan 23 2013: Wow, after two years I finally fix the crash caused by the sound. New version 1.3 should show up in iTunes store any day now. UPDATE: It's available now! And I made it free!

Feb 2 2011: Five-star review:

Thanks, Scott! Glad it's working for you.

Jan 28 2011: Version 1.2 live in App Store.
Jan 26 2011: Version 1.2 submitted with new interface, mute button.
Jan 25 2011: Coming for version 1.2: New interface look, mute button.

Jan 6 2011: Version 1.1 is available in the App Store! Thanks for the quick turnaround, Apple.
Jan 5 2011: Version 1.1 submitted to App Store.

UPDATE Jan 4 2011: The dual sliders are done and dice pools can now go from 0 (though you hardly need an app to roll zero dice!) through 99. I'm just going to do some testing for stability and then I'll submit the update.

UPDATE Dec 20 2010: Thanks to everyone who has purchased SDR! I'm glad there's interest. I've implemented "rule of 10" functionality where 10's can now be set to generate one success plus another die roll (which SDR does immediately and includes in the total). I'm going to implement a "1s subtract" toggle button [done!] and a dual slider dice pool selector that will allow you to select dice pools from 1 to 99 easily. Then I'll submit the update to the App Store.

Here's a preview of the 1.1 UI and functionality. Notice the "10 again" functionality (the dice pool was set to 4, but 5 dice rolls can be seen at the top of the screen because a "10" was rolled). Notice also that the "1" subtracted a success, because the "1: SUBTRCT" toggle was on.

Storyteller Dice Roller is live! Here's the link to the iTunes App Store:

Storyteller Dice Roller (SDR) is an elegant, streamlined app designed specifically to enhance the experience of Storyteller system tabletop role-playing games such as "Vampire: The Requiem" and "Exalted." With a single touch, SDR will roll up to 99 virtual ten-sided dice, count successes (i.e. how many are higher than a target number), compare the number of successes to a difficulty number, and tell you by how much you succeeded or failed ("Threshold"). Tens can be counted twice, once, or once-and-roll-again ("10 again") and switching between the three modes is a snap. If no successes are rolled, and one or more 1's are rolled, a "botch" is reported. 1's can either subtract from successes or not, depending on your preference. Storyteller Dice Roller is everything you need to stop fumbling with your dice and start enjoying the game.

Compared to other "dice pool" rollers available in the App store, SDR has the following advantages:

•Allows for tens to be counted once, twice, or once-plus-another-die-roll.
•Allows for 1's to subtract from successes, or not.
•All controls are on a single screen for fast access during gameplay.
•NO ADVERTISEMENTS. (...and there was much rejoicing!)
•Elegant interface with a unified look.
•Results displayed in large font that can be read by others at the table.
•Difficulty setting, and report of how much your roll exceeded or fell short.
•Shows raw dice rolls (for the first 20 or so dice) at the top of the screen.
•Dice rolling sound effect tailored to number of dice rolled.
•Audio feedback when sliders are adjusted.
•Mute button to turn sound on/off.

I welcome feedback and comments and would be happy to add new features if there is sufficient demand.

Happy gaming!

NOTE: Storyteller Dice Roller is not an official Storyteller system product and is not affiliated with White Wolf Publishing

Feel free to ask questions/make suggestions in the comments to this post.


cubleds said…
Hey i just wanted to suggest that you make availible the 9 again and 8 again rules other then that great product i love it
RockNjax said…
I just wanted to say thank you for making this app. It's easy to use and easy to read. It does just what it needs to do.
It crashes if sound is enabled though. That's a game breaker.
Anonymous said…
Please update for OS5
Zachary Drake said…
Does it not work on OS5?
Anonymous said…
No, it closes as soon as you tap roll.
39Steps said…
I really liked the design & functionality of this app, & have promoted it on WW's Exalted Forum. Sadly, OS5 makes it crash every time you try to do _anything_ with it. Please, please update it so that it works again.
Zachary Drake said…
If you turn the sound off, it works.
I will try to update this sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Does't work anymore, crashes everytime on ipad 2 fix this pls.
Zachary Drake said…
Does it work if you turn the sound off? I've got it works on New iPad with the sound off. I haven't tested on iPad 2.
Zachary Drake said…
OK, the 1.3 update which fixes the crash when the sound is on in iOS 5 and 6 is "in processing" on the app store. So it should be out soon. Sorry it took so long!
Rachel Soma said…
Any chance of an update that let's you choose 9 again and 8 again? Our national LARP organisation ( ) is looking for a dice roller and I think most of us would happily pay 99c if it did 9 and 8 again.
John Rogers said…
The ST dice roller app isn't counting successes correctly. I have screenshots that I can send to illustrate.
Stereoblind said…
Will you be updating this app again? I would gladly pay for it if it was updated to the latest iOS, the ability to choose which numbers are rerolled and verification successes are tallied correctly.
Zachary Drake said…
Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't planning to update it, but if there's enough interest I certainly will. I'm glad you found it useful.
Murillo Odani said…
Please update for iOS 11!
Ralph Thelen said…
Please update. My group uses it. We love it
There is much sorrow in our gaming group among iPhone users. This is the best app for Exalted. The best way to carry 40 d10 there is.
Tori Azalea said…
If you do not feel you have the urge or time to update this I would be keen to try and do so for you. This dice roller has been a major part of my relationship as my partner and I use it to role play at all times together. I am delighted to work on updating it for you and want nothing in return other than the roller working again. Contact me at if you are interested.
Sere said…
Been using this for ages, it’s been great but since my phone updated to iOS 11 it does not run. Any chance of an update please?

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