Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to foil the Egyptian riot police

(via Anthony on Facebook) Here's great WSJ article on the elaborate lengths protesters had to go not to be stymied by the hated Egyptian internal security forces:

They chose 20 protest sites, usually connected to mosques, in densely populated working-class neighborhoods around Cairo. They hoped that such a large number of scattered rallies would strain security forces, draw larger numbers and increase the likelihood that some protesters would be able to break out and link up in Tahrir Square.

The group publicly called for protests at those sites for Jan. 25, a national holiday celebrating the country's widely reviled police force. They announced the sites of the demonstrations on the Internet and called for protests to begin at each one after prayers at about 2 p.m.

But that wasn't all.

"The 21st site, no one knew about," Mr. Kamel said.

I didn't know the game was so elaborate, and that the security forces were so good at preventing demonstrations from spreading. It took a lot of thought and planning to outwit them.


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