Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak resigns

Well, we should mark this day: a nation rose up and (mostly) peacefully threw out its dictator. Or caused such a ruckus that the army forced him out. Or prompted the vice-president to tell the people he resigned (we haven't actually heard Mubarak himself say he's resigning. We got the news from his vice-president). Anyway, everyone agrees he's gone, which effectively means it's true.

People in Egypt are ecstatic. Time to celebrate. And time for the US to stop backing his ilk. Let's hope this is the first step to something much much better. But even this step is so important: the idea that if you infuriate the people so much, you can be removed from office. So so so important to have that baseline level of accountability. Even dictators, monarchs, and theocrats who aren't replaced by something better will have to spend some of their energy keeping people happy, if only to preserve their own power.

I had no idea that such possibilities were available to Tunisia and Egypt. I think many of us didn't. Happy liberation, Egypt.

Who's next?


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