Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best evidence I've seen that this is all improv theater

Things in Libya are moving so fast, the Pentagon doesn't even have time to deploy its PR hacks:
There wasn’t any press briefing Friday at the Pentagon, even though a third simultaneous war is about to commence. That’s a pretty strong indication that the military doesn’t know what the goal is, either.
So, what are our objectives again? Protect civilians from Qaddafi, I guess. For how long? At what cost? What happens if Libyan civilians start needing protection from the rebels?

How come the leaders of Yemen get to kill their civilians? And Bahrain can import Saudi troops to crack down on their own dissidents? The lesson seems to be that as long as you curry favor with the US, you can oppress your citizens all you want. It seems as though we're attacking Qaddafi because we can, not because he is more evil than other dictators in the world. A little honesty about our actual motives would be refreshing.


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