Saturday, January 05, 2008

Critical hits revamped in 4th edition D&D

From the "Design & Development" article on critical hits (you have to sign up for D&D Insider to see it):
To score a critical hit in 4th Edition D&D, do the following:

Roll 20.

Simple enough, right? Just one number to remember. And more importantly, just one roll.

Yes, the confirmation roll is gone.


Here's the part that's going to take some getting used to: Critical hits don't deal double damage.


Instead, when you roll a critical hit, all the dice are maximized. So your 1d10+4 power deals 14 damage and the monster's 3d6+4 deals 22. Generally speaking, randomness is more of an advantage to monsters than PCs. More predictable critical damage keeps monsters from insta-killing your character.

Having maximized dice also helps out when you have multitarget attacks. You'll roll an attack roll against each target, so maximized dice keep you from needing to roll a bunch of dice over and over -- you can just write your crit damage on your character sheet for quick reference.

Sounds good to me. Every die roll that can be eliminated saves a lot of time. I wouldn't mind eliminating damage rolls altogether, like in D&D Miniatures.


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