Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Internal Monologue endorses Obama!

With Edwards out of the race, Internal Monologue is officially endorsing Obama. Explanation will have to wait. It's off to work...

UPDATE: OK, here are some reasons why I support Obama rather than Clinton:
  • Clinton voted for the Iraq war. Obama voted against it. That should count for something.
  • I think Obama has better chances against the Republicans (at this point it will probably be McCain, or maybe Romney)
  • I think Obama is in general more liberal than Clinton. And I'm a liberal.
  • I think Obama is less enmeshed in the Democratic establishment than Clinton. And I'm not fond of the Democratic establishment right now, what with all of its capitulating to Bush and fear of being called weak by Republicans.
  • People abroad seem to like Obama more than they like Clinton. And I think a major task of the next president is going to be restoring America's moral stature. This is going to require a lot of work, but I think Obama will start out with more of a reserve of goodwill than Clinton will.
My main beef with Obama has been my view about conflict vs. conciliation: I think that for things to get better in this country, certain groups that have enjoyed unfair privileges are going to have to be defeated. This seemed to be the place Edwards was coming from. This made me undecided between Edwards and Obama. But with Edwards out, my choice is clear.

I could be wrong about some of these things. And my analysis here is not sophisticated. But it's enough to push me solidly into the Obama camp.


Blogger Sarah said...

Your devoted readers want to know more about how you decided.

7:06 AM, January 31, 2008  
Anonymous Bill in Minneapolis said...

My No. 1 criteria is to nominate the Democratic who is most likely to win. It is very important that we have a Democratic president otherwise Congress will continue to be tied up with the threat of veto as Bush as so effectively tied up Congress now. Therefore, I support Clinton for the following reasons:
1. She is much more credible on defense and national security than Obama and against McCain this is very big.
2. I think she is considered more moderate and experienced than Obama so voters will be more comfortable with her than a 'liberal' with a strongly Democratic Congress.
3. I admire her analysis on the issues, ability as a leader and administrator and her toughness to confront rather than 'sit down and talk' (Obama).
4. She is very well known, has personal connections and is respected internationally.

So my support goes strongly to Hillary.

5:55 PM, January 31, 2008  

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