Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A quote from a fragment of AIGamemnon (via Mad Latinist):
Thanks to a substantial injection of public funds, my heart is freed from its anxiety and the annual bonuses may be paid. [To AIGAMEMNON] So, my dear lord, dismount from your car, but do not set on common earth the foot that has trampled upon global markets. You to whom I have assigned the task to strew with bonuses, salary top-offs and the like, Quick! With something on the order of $160 million let his path be strewn, that Justice may usher him into a new quarter he never should have seen. The rest my unslumbering vigilance shall order duly, for if Geithner can be made to swallow this than, please god, pretty much fucking anything can be subsequently ordained.
In ancient Greek tragedy, the gods inflicted horrible suffering on mortals, often beyond anything one would recognize as justice. In this modern tragedy, mortals inflict horrible suffering on other mortals and are rewarded beyond anything one would recognize as justice. In both cases, a chorus of singers/bloggers laments.


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