Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Loogie of Disrespect

By the way, I officially claim to have coined the phrase "Loogie of Disrespect", based on this post from December of 2006. The only other reference Google shows is from a much later date. If its meaning is not obvious to you, here's a definition: Hawking the Loogie of Disrespect on something is a way of indicating that it is not worthy of the sacred aura with which our culture has endowed it. "To Hawk" in this context means to audibly expel phlegm from the throat. A loogie is a wad of spit or phlegm. Note that the loogie definition linked to in the previous sentence uses "hock" instead of "hawk". I don't think you can "hock" a loogie, because most pawnshops don't accept loogies as collateral. (If you hear of one, let me know next time I have a cold.)


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