Monday, March 02, 2009

Republican infighting update

Republicans today have a dilemma: Do they embrace Rush Limbaugh or not? If they do, they alienate the majority of Americans who don't particularly care for him. (I should get some data on that, but he's on record saying he hopes Obama fails, and Obama is currently enjoying a 67/21 approval rating.) But if Republicans try to distance themselves from Limbaugh, their activist base gets really angry:

Is [GOP Chair Michael Steele] nuts? Does he not want contributions? You insult or stand AGAINST are spitting on your base. Looks like I may have to change my affiliation to INDEPENDENT (until CONSERVATIVE) is allowed. I didn’t leave the Republican party...they left me.

Rahm Emanuel throws the Limbaugh anvil around the Republican party in this clip:

(Via Muzikal203 on DailyKos.)

I've got my popcorn and I'm eagerly watching the show.


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