Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I could use a week-long solo vacation to Argentina, too...

Update: Sanford confesses to an affair. Sullivan:

Dog Bites Man

Another far-right Republican confesses to an extra-marital affair. Not the most effective way to keep it under wraps: disappearing for days with no notice. But it's important to remember at these moments that we're all human. I just wish the GOP leadership would apply that lesson to everyone else.

[end update]

...But I'd at least tell my wife and co-workers where I went. Apparently, Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, decided that was unnecessary:

We didn't know the Appalachian Trail went all the way down to Buenos Aires!

AWOL South Carolina guv Mark Sanford resurfaced at the Atlanta airport this morning, and told The State newspaper he hadn't been hiking the trail, as his staff said. Instead, he'd taken a jaunt down to Argentina...

OK, there's gotta be a good story behind this: a Republican Governor disappears for a week, leaving his clueless staff to spout bullshit stories to the media. His wife doesn't know where he is, or pretends not to know. This is the weekend of Fathers' Day, by the way. Gossip-hungry bloggers want to know!


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