Sunday, November 18, 2007

Classic movie lines...if there were no writers

I support the striking writers. They should get something from Internet sales. It may be hard to make money on the net, but that doesn't mean the writers shouldn't get a cut of what money does get made. It should be just like any other distribution channel. In fact, this whole divvying things up by distribution channel is weird. They're all merging together, but old arrangements are slow to adapt. Why don't they just get some small cut of the take, regardless of medium?

As an actor, I run into this weirdness every time I try to explain to someone the different jurisdictions of SAG and AFTRA: SAG is film, and AFTRA is TV and radio. But some TV is SAG if it's shot on film or if it meets some other weird criteria. Some "industrials" (in-house corporate videos used for training, promotion, or other purposes) are SAG and some aren't. It's all very abstruse.

Anyway, via Eschaton, we have this funny look at some classic movie lines as if they had been written by non-writers:


Anonymous Mad Latinist said...

The line from Blade Runner is funny given the persistant (but likely spurious) rumors that Rutger Hauer improvised that speech.

1:05 PM, November 18, 2007  

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