Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giuliani in BIG trouble

"Don't worry, my dear, my taxpayer-funded escort will protect us during our adulterous trysts, and by billing it to the Office for People with Disabilities (among others), no one will ever find out!"
Image from New York Daily News

Expensing your adultery to the City of New York is not cool. Trapper John on DailyKos claims "Beginning tonight, Rudy is more likely than not done as a serious candidate." I'm not so sure. Never underestimate people's ability to forgive those they look up to for things they would never tolerate in others.

Now it makes sense that the Mayor of New York should have 24-hour security. But why hide the expenses this creates in obscure branches of the municipal government? And is it really right for taxpayers to fund your escort to the Hamptons (where your mistress happens to live) eleven times? Now perhaps some of these times Giuliani had legitimate business there. Three of those trips were on his official schedule. But 11 times doesn't pass the smell test.

Giuliani has a lot of corruption issues: Kerik and his criminal associations, employment of a priest accused of pedophilia, and now this. 4 more years of cronyism is not what we need. I appreciate Giuliani's stances on many social issues (though he's running away from them now, of course). But on issues of authoritarianism, militarism, and cronyism, he's one of the absolute worst candidates. Frankly, I think I'd rather have Mitt "No Muslims" Romney. The guy is a total panderer, but I don't picture him becoming an authoritarian thug. From what I hear of Giuliani's tenure as mayor of NYC, he had a lot of frightening tendencies in those directions. That's the last thing this country needs right now.


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