Saturday, November 24, 2007

What conservatives think about

Well, we don't really know. But we do know what the most viewed pages on Conservapedia are (as of this posting):
  1. Main Page‎ [1,935,866]
  2. Homosexuality‎ [1,625,236]
  3. Homosexuality and Hepatitis‎ [518,141]
  4. Homosexuality and Parasites‎ [434,518]
  5. Homosexuality and Promiscuity‎ [422,222]
  6. Gay Bowel Syndrome‎ [402,128]
  7. Homosexual Couples‎ [374,132]
  8. Homosexuality and Gonorrhea‎ [332,115]
  9. Homosexuality and Anal Cancer‎ [294,478]
  10. Homosexuality and Mental Health‎ [293,805]
(via The Agonist via Crooks and Liars)

When I read this list aloud to my wife, she innocently asked, "Is Conservapedia a gay site?"

I'm sad to see that the famous Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus page didn't make the list. Oh, they removed it.


Blogger ogre said...

With the entry on kangaroos, there's nothing more that needs to or can be done or said in terms of parody.

11:43 PM, November 24, 2007  

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