Friday, January 12, 2007

Escalation vs. democracy

Guess which one is winning? I don't really have much to say about Bush's speech. I didn't hear it and from what I've read in the NY Times and on several blogs it was pretty much what we expected: about 20,000 more troops. Digby pretty much sums it up:
It has never been more clear that the people are irrelevant in our system of government than it is at this moment. Fully 70% of the public disapproves of president Bush's job performance. Even more disapprove of his Iraq policy and a large majority believe it was a mistake to invade and occupy Iraq in the first place. 88% do not want this war war to be escalated. His party just lost a large number of seats in both houses of congress over this issue.

And yet this 30% president with 12% support in the country is going to exactly the opposite of what the country wants him to do and he will get away with it. Democracy? Not so much.


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