Sunday, January 14, 2007

Joe Lieberman: As bad as we thought

This Kos diarist (one Cenk Uygur) is really pissed. And I pretty much agree. Congress has been in session only a short while, and already we have this on Iraq:
First, Senator Lieberman [] pretended to be a concerned moderate on Iraq during the election, and then immediately showed how extreme he is right after the election. There was no more talk about finding the best possible way out of Iraq. Instead, Lieberman immediately embraced escalation.

How many Democratic votes do you think Lieberman would have gotten in Connecticut if he had been honest and told the voters that he planned to support an escalation of the Iraq War as soon as he was elected? Not very many. That's why he had to lie, like he always does.
And this on Katrina:
During the 2006 election, Lieberman promised to hold hearings on how the Bush administration handled Hurricane Katrina if he was elected. He would be the head of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. He would be the one that would make the decision on what hearings to hold and what documents to demand from the White House. He promised he would hold them accountable.

Of course, as always he was lying. Instead, he has just announced that he will hold no such hearings and that he will ask for none of the documents that could show how the administration mishandled the crisis. Heaven forbid that he should do his job.

All you Democrats who supported Joementum against Lamont, how do you feel about that decision now?


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