Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nobody wants Iraq escalation

This escalation idea (it's proponents call it the "surge") has the virtue of being both strategically stupid and politically suicidal. It won't work, and the American public is completely against it (only 11% support it in this poll). Normally, the Bush administration confines itself to the former kind of action and manages to dodge the latter. But this time, Bush and McCain have really stepped in it with both feet, and it's going to be hard to scrape off. Apparently, only 12 of 49 Republican Senators support it, plus Lieberman (Lieberman for CT-CT) if my understanding of his position is correct.

The percentage of Senators who support this colossally bad idea (13%) and the proportion of the American public that does so (11%) is quite close actually, and makes me think that perhaps our democracy is functioning better than I had previously imagined. (My Senator count might not be accurate, though.)

Of course, just because this escalation idea is stupid and unsupported doesn't mean this administration won't go ahead and do it...


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