Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia: just because you can invade Georgia doesn't mean you're a great power

Charlie Whitaker:

Now that we can measure it,* we find that Russia’s GDP is approximately equal to that of Portugal Brazil (which is not to knock Brazil). Much of Russia’s wealth comes from resource extraction: in other words, Russia is not making stuff. Is it thinking stuff instead? Well, is there a nascent biotech or semiconductor industry in Russia today? (Or is there maybe some other, more esoteric kind of activity that hasn’t yet permeated popular consciousness?) How are Russian universities doing?

Russia is fairly populous, although no one would call it densely populated. However, its population is shrinking; in part, because it is not a healthy country.

Via Matthew Yglesias, at his new home at Think Progress.


Blogger -ben said...

The US and UK at least have chosen to represent this as Russian aggression. Yet it was Georgia that attacked with a rocket barrage which by its nature was indiscriminate.

As recently as last month, the U.S. government publicly cautioned Saakashvili to pursue diplomacy in Georgia's dispute with Russia over the provinces. At a joint appearance with Saakashvili last month in front of Tbilisi's new glass-domed presidential palace, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice promised to fight for Georgian membership in NATO.

But she also said pointedly that "violence should not be carried out by any party."


Bowing to the reality of vastly superior military might, the Georgian president said Tuesday that he would accept a Russian cease-fire agreement to end a five-day conflict, despite terms that some described as humiliating to his small, proud nation.

More here.

4:36 AM, August 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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