Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The gay bomb

This has been all over the Internets already, but I suppose I should mention the odd military proposal to create a weaponized aphrodisiac that would render enemy troops insatiably homosexual. They didn't actually try to make it, but a watchdog group is claiming the proposal got farther than the Pentagon is admitting:
However, Hammond said the government records he obtained suggest the military gave the plan much stronger consideration than it has acknowledged.

"The truth of the matter is it would have never come to my attention if it was dismissed at the time it was proposed," he said. "In fact, the Pentagon has used it repeatedly and subsequently in an effort to promote non-lethal weapons, and in fact they submitted it to the highest scientific review body in the country for them to consider."

Military officials insisted Friday to KPIX-TV that they are not currently working on any such idea and that the past plan was abandoned.
(HT: Mad Latinist via email and a zillion other places)


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