Monday, June 25, 2007

Go west, young (single) man...

...while your female counterpart goes east, apparently:
Map originally from National Geographic

(HT: Feministing) It seems as though single people do not sort themselves by gender in a geographically equitable manner? Is it because men leave for high tech or other jobs on the West Coast? Or do women flock to the Atlantic Seaboard for careers in government or the arts? A lot of speculation along these lines in the comments here. People bring up immigration patterns, and the fact that men might be more willing to pick up and move. More data would be nice. Another good point:

The graph is quite misleading since it records absolute excess single people, not the excess single people relative to the total local population.

185 000 extra single women in New York-Newark isn't that big a deal because it's taken from a population of 20 million, i.e., the excess is less than 1% of the population.

All this graph does is to pick out centres of high population. (Notice that the big dots are in California and the North-East Atlantic coast.)

I suspect that the imbalances people perceive ("There are no good men/ women/ gays/ lesbians/ etc in this city!") are more attributable to their subculture, work environment, or even their specific group of friends and acquaintances than to broad demographic inequalities.


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