Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our new "strategy" of arming the Sunni insurgents

Crooks and Liars, your source for Daily Show political clips

Jon Stewart couldn't let something this crazy and stupid go by without taking a look at it. It's a pretty funny clip, but the insanity of our "strategy" is making his job too easy. I know its a good idea to exploit divisions among your enemies, but giving weapons to the very folks who have been most responsible for attacks against our troops? If we're going to be stupid and cruel enough to add weapons to a multi-party civil war, can we at least be selfish enough to get our own troops out of the way first? Isn't the first rule of quelling ethnic and sectarian conflict "Don't add a bunch of free weapons into the mix?"

I'm a broken record, but: Impeach Bush and Cheney now. Congress should use its constitutional power to end our involvement in this debacle.


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