Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eliminate the middleperson

Via Blogometer, we have Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) on how to improve Las Vegas:

Now the casinos have people trained, like chickens hoping for pellets, to take money from one machine (the ATM), carry it across a room and deposit in another machine (the slot machine). I believe B.F. Skinner would agree with me that there is room for even more efficiency: The ATM and the slot machine need to be the same machine.

The casinos lose a lot of money waiting for the portly gamblers with respiratory issues to waddle from the ATM to the slot machines. A better solution would be for the losers, euphemistically called “players,” to stand at the ATM and watch their funds be transferred to the hotel, while hoping to somehow “win.” The ATM could be redesigned to blink and make exciting sounds, so it seems less like robbery.

I share Adams' disdain for slot machines and other forms of chance-driven gambling. Why play when you know the odds are against you?


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