Monday, December 24, 2007

Lift the (virtual) rock...WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND!

Tan Le, the president and co-founder of Emotiv Systems

Big announcement: the author of Internal Monologue (i.e. me) has accepted an offer of full-time employment at Emotiv Systems. I will be starting Jan 7th as a game producer and technology evangelist. Emotiv Systems is developing a headset that uses EEG and other sensing techniques to allow you to control video games with your thoughts, and allows games to respond to your facial expressions and emotional states. But video games are just the first step. Ultimately, Emotiv has broader goals:

Communication between man and machine has always been limited to conscious interaction, with non-conscious communication -- expression, intuition, perception -- reserved solely for the human realm. At Emotiv, we believe that future communication between man and machine will not only be limited to the conscious communication that exists today, but non-conscious communication will play a significant part.

Our mission is to create the ultimate interface for the next-generation of man-machine interaction, by evolving the interaction between human beings and electronic devices beyond the limits of conscious interface. Emotiv is creating technologies that allow machines to take both conscious and non-conscious inputs directly from your mind.

Ooh, cool! So science fiction! But it's actually happening. And it will be happening sooner than you think! I'm so excited to be a part of this!

I'm sure Internal Monologue will continue, but posts may be shorter and more sporadic due to my new enterprise.

Maybe I''l be able to write Internal Monologue just by thinking it! Then it will really live up to its name! Well, that will probably have to wait until the technology has gone through a few more iterations.

Also, Internal Monologue may only be updated sporadically during the upcoming holidays.


Blogger Sarah said...

Woohooo! I am thinking about giving you a high-five.

8:10 AM, December 25, 2007  
OpenID jdm314 said...

... Wow! Congratulations!!

10:05 AM, December 25, 2007  
Blogger Dan said...

congrats on the new gig!

1:51 AM, January 09, 2008  

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