Friday, December 07, 2007

Huckabee's problems

Kevin Drum:
In other Huckabee news, apparently Huckabee was completely unaware of the new NIE on Iran two full days after it was released. Heckuva grasp on foreign policy, Huckie.
Oh dear. You'd think God would have kept him up to date.

And if you don't know about Huckabee releasing serial rapist Wayne Dumond, read about it in the same post. Dumond became a darling of the Clinton haters, because one of his victims was a distant cousin of Bill Clinton. Huckabee apparently either believed Dumond was framed by Clinton, or didn't believe it but pandered to the Clinton haters anyway. When Dumond was released, he quickly committed another rape and murder.

Now any time a prisoner is released there's the risk of the prisoner committing another crime. And a governor can't be blamed for everything a released prisoner does. But in this case, it seems like Huckabee specifically intervened for dubious political reasons. So it seems he does bear some responsibility.


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