Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brooks is right on this one: Farm bill a disgrace, why is Obama supporting it?

Ezra Klein:
Read David Brooks on the Farm Bill. And keep reading even after he begins to slam Obama and praise McCain. Frankly, McCain, in opposing this bill and agitating for a bottom-up reworking of it, exhibited much more political courage than either Obama or Clinton, both of whom bought into an inchoate porkfest. Obama's statement on the bill did include some gestures towards the legislation's myriad failings, but as a presidential candidate with a national spotlight, he could've slammed the thing and actually argued for a better bill, and with McCain doing much the same, Republicans couldn't have made him suffer for it.
Obama, if you're candidacy is about change, this sort of mindless agribusiness porkfest is exactly the sort of thing that should be changed.


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