Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pundits start calling the race for Obama

Drudge, Tim Russert, and Chuck Todd saying Obama the nominee? Sullivan:
The whole race. Big balls, our Matt. Big brain too. And you have to wonder if someone has told him something. He's got great sources in the Clinton camp. Russert is also reporting that Clinton has canceled all morning television appearances.
Emphasis mine.


A few things:

Russert: Hillary Clinton has cancelled all her morning appearances.

Chuck Todd is the smartest political analyst on TV. And funny too: "We're [staying late] for one delegate."

Props to all the networks that resisted the urge to call Indiana early. CBS has made an ass out of itself by calling the race when the numbers didn't warrant it.

Obama retook what he lost in Pennsylvania in the popular vote. That argument is now absent from the Clinton bag of tricks.

The media narrative is clear: It's over.


Update: All the talk on MSNBC is about who will break it to the Clintons that it's over.

Emphasis mine.


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