Thursday, May 08, 2008

The bit has flipped

All of a sudden, the mainstream media has decided that Hillary Clinton can't win the Democratic nomination:

While I think this is a sensible view, I am baffled as to what triggered it. Yes, Obama got more delegates from the North Carolina and Indiana contests than Clinton did. That's pretty much what everyone expected to happen. We didn't really learn anything new. What were people expecting? That Obama would somehow melt into a puddle of sludge? Suddenly, people are on television talking about delegate math and how it's completely impossible for Clinton. The blogosphere (including this blog) has been saying that for weeks. Did Matt Drudge finally look at a delegate count spreadsheet, setting off a mainstream media stampede towards a new common wisdom? Was there some back room deal where media bigwigs told Clinton, "OK, we'll pretend there's a race for now, but if Obama isn't struck by lightning before March 7th, we're ending this charade."?

Who knows. But I feel proud that Internal Monologue got this around March 10, while it took all the highly-paid famous people much longer to come to the same realization. Go blogosphere!

P.S.: Intrade update: Obama 90.4, Clinton 8.5.


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