Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Indiana for Clinton, North Carolina for Obama

Grishnash (via email) points out that even if Obama pulls ahead of Clinton in the Indiana popular vote, he'll still not get as many delegates as her. Apparently, this is because delegates are awarded by district or some other subdivision, not by overall vote count.

Gary, Indiana's late reporting and statements by its mayor are making people nervous. Why so late with the count? It makes people think something fishy is happening.

In any case, Obama will get more delegates than Clinton. Again, these results are pretty much what people expected, with Obama maybe doing a little bit better. And again, every time thing proceed normally, that's very bad for Clinton. I think even the MSM is beginning to catch on that she doesn't have a realistic shot at this. On Intrade, The Obama contract is back up to 86.2, and the Clinton contract is down to 11.3.


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