Sunday, May 11, 2008

McCain campaign employs those who lobbied for Burmese junta

Apparently, McCain's campaign employed Doug Goodyear, the CEO of DCI, a lobbying firm that in 2002 worked for the Burmese junta. (The same one that is letting its own citizens die rather than let foreign aid workers come in to help.) Newsweek just published an article pointing this out, and Doug Goodyear quickly resigned. But apparently Doug Davenport, who was head of lobbying at DCI when it was working for the Burmese junta, is still a regional director for McCain's campaign.

How long before Doug Davenport resigns, too? I bet not long.

I'm not sure how much these kinds of bad past associations should count, but it does seem like lobbying on the behalf of oppressive military dictators should be considered something negative. I wonder how many other people involved in the presidential race, both Democratic and Republican, have these kinds of associations.


Anonymous bill in minneapolis said...

Another example of how prescient Gary Trudeau is with his Doonesbury cartoon strip.

Doc and his son have been running a PR firm representing oppressive regimes for some time now in the strip. Its no longer so funny.

4:47 PM, May 11, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill: As Zac himself would say "Their reality has lapped our satire."

But whenever I think of how awful it is that the Junta won't let in foreign aid workers, I remind myself that our administration did the same in New Orleans. The Mexican Army... the friggin' Mexican army arrived before the U.S. army did, and we wouldn't let them help.

7:27 PM, May 11, 2008  
Blogger Zachary Drake said...

I didn't know that about the Mexican army.

Yes, those Doonesbury cartoons now strike closer to home, especially with the Pentagon domestic propaganda scandal.

9:05 PM, May 11, 2008  

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