Monday, November 10, 2008

Gotta agree with the conservatives on this one...

Unless a bailout of the US auto industry is accompanied by a realistic plan to return to profitability, I'm afraid the additional $25 billion being talked about will only postpone the inevitable. Maybe they could get the money in return for better fuel efficiency standards, though that's something they should be doing on their own anyway. I think the conservatives have a point here.

Maybe we should let the companies fail, and instead bail out the people. Or bail out their communities. Turn Flint, Michigan into a massive public works project center or something. Build a green technology research and construction center there. I think the money would go further. I just don't think the US auto industry as a whole is a good investment right now. I'm fine with the government alleviating the suffering of the workers and communities that would be impacted by this. But until I see signs that the US auto industry is really ready to become globally competitive, I'm going to be skeptical of any bailout package.


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