Friday, November 07, 2008

Quick hits

  • Obama might get one of Nebraska's electoral votes.
  • Rumors float about Senate Majority leader Harry Reid's conversation with Joe Lieberman. No decisions yet, but he may lose his committee chair, or even be booted from the caucus. Lieberman should not have subpoena power to investigate the Obama administration. He loves the spotlight too much and I fear he would abuse it.
  • David Axelrod, Obama's chief strategist, will become a Senior Adviser to Obama in the White House. Let's hope his strategery there is as good as it was in the campaign.
  • Will the Daily Show still be funny once Obama is president?
  • Conservatives try to figure out what path to take next.
  • There is something very wrong going on with the vote count in Alaska. Republicans outperformed their projections by 12-14%. Votes tallied so far indicate a turnout much lower than 2004, which makes no sense. Nate Silver is on it.
  • Speaking of Nate Silver, it seems that I, Grishnash, and others in the blogosphere were right to cite him a lot. Sullivan points out that he was pretty darn good.
  • I was mentioning this to Sarah last night: I don't think the anti-Prop 8 campaign's strategy of dancing around the issue of gay marriage in their ads was a good one. Sullivan agrees. I'm still saddened by the loss. Things will sway our way, but how much suffering must there be until we get there?
  • The California Attorney General thinks that if Prop 8 passes and is upheld, it won't invalidate existing marriages. But this opinion might be challenged.
  • The biggest winner of this election? Marijuana, which won most of its ballot initiatives.
  • Salon's collection of wrong electoral punditry. Always good to see how spectacularly wrong people in the media can be.


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