Monday, June 04, 2007

Bush's ideological appointment of the day

"If I get to be Surgeon General, I can cure the whole nation of teh gay."

OK, that's not a direct quote. And Dr. Holsinger might very well leave his associations with the ridiculous "pray away the gay" movement behind if he's confirmed. But given that Bush nominated the guy, how likely do you think that is?

At this point, why would anyone with any professional reputation want to be appointed to anything by Bush? All your associates and a majority of the public (and the author of this blog) would leap to the conclusion that you are a talentless, ideological hack willing to spout whatever crap he wanted you to. Maybe Dr. James W. Holsinger would be a good Surgeon General. But given Bush's previous choices for high-profile posts, the fact that Bush chose him is a pretty damning mark on his record.

If Bush appointed me to anything, I'd sue him for slander.


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