Thursday, August 23, 2007

14-year old Eddie Wehrenberg wins D&D minis championship

Eddie, left, poses with Guy Fullerton, who interviewed him after he won the championship.

I wasn't in the D&D Minis constructed championship this year, but I wanted to congratulate Eddie on his great victory. His family had to sacrifice to make it to GenCon (including selling some of their minis collection!), so I'm glad he had a great experience. I've played Eddie in a local tournament (in fact, I think it was the one where he qualified for Gen Con), and I seem to remember him beating me. I was heartened when I saw his warband:
I played a Werewolf Lord, a Large Black Dragon, a Large Shadow Dragon, the Thrall of Blackrazor, and four Orc Warriors.
It's the sort of thing I would play: Chaotic Evil, non-gimmicky, with very powerful, cost-efficient pieces. I'm glad the Thrall of Blackrazor made an appearance, because it's a personal favorite of mine. And it was designed by 2005's champion, so there's nice symbolism there. Maybe the 2009 champion will use the piece that Eddie gets to help design.

So, congrats Eddie. And that's two years running that northern California has held the title!


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