Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Iranian sex scandals: HE TOUCHED A WOMAN!

Just in case you're tired of all the Republican sex scandals, here's a change of pace for you: in Iran, you don't have to have sex with a prostitute or plead guilty to soliciting sex with a man in an airport bathroom to provoke puritanical outrage. Both Khatami and Ahmadinejad have recently been caught on camera actually touching a woman (HT: TPM). There's a YouTube video of Khatami actually shaking hands with a woman that has hard-liners riled and Khatami claiming the video is fake:

Looks real to me.

But Iranian center-leftists aren't the only ones with indecency problems. Back in May, this picture of Ahmadinejad kissing his elderly former teacher's gloved hand had Iranian right-wingers condemning him for indecency (regular Iranians seem more concerned about unemployment, inflation, and high gas prices):


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