Sunday, April 13, 2008

4th Edition D&D: what we know so far

The folks at ENWorld have put together a pdf of everything we know so far about the 4th Edition rules. It's frustrating the the 4th edition books have been done for at least a few weeks now, but that we won't be able to see them until June 6th or so. I've been checking my favorite torrent sites, but nobody's leaked the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons books so far. Major kudos to anyone who does.

Note to Hasbro intellectual property lawyers: I plan to buy the books anyway, and would gladly buy them now if you had a mechanism to deliver them to me. Can I help it if ad hoc illegal distribution networks kick ass over anything you're capable of delivering? It galls me that in 2008, there is information I want and am perfectly willing to pay for, but can't get purely due to logistical reasons. LAME.


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