Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Blog Welcome

It is morning here on the West Coast, and the polls are open across the country in those states that still have actual physical polling places. There isn't much to report yet. The next milestone will be the last pre-election polls coming out in about an hour or so.

A quick check of the weather: popular wisdom says that bad weather favors Republicans, as it reduces voter turnout. It looks like the weather is in the tank for Obama today. There are very few major storm systems affecting the U.S. today. Western Colorado seems to be the one exception. They will get a foot or more of mountain snow in places, and near-blizzard conditions at times. The Pacific Northwest will be wet today, but nothing out of the ordinary for November. The first major mountain snow event of the year will bring up to a foot of snow in parts of the Cascades of Oregon and Washington. It's looking like a beautiful day coast-to-coast everywhere else, though.


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