Thursday, December 04, 2008

Doom and Gloom!

I just started reading the blog Calculated Risk. A lot of bloggers have praised it for incisive reports on the current economic troubles. It did NOT cheer me up. Nuthin' but doom and gloom. Here's a sampling of post titles:

ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Plunges in November

More Bad Employment News

Chrysler sales off 47%

GM Sales Off 41%

GM Sales Off 41%

Credit Crisis Indicators

Mortgage Delinquency Rate to Rise Sharply in 2009

Paulson Speaks, Market Crashes

It just goes on and on. (For an explanation of what the heck the A2/P2 spread is, see here.)

On an even sadder note, one of the primary bloggers at Calculated Risk recently passed away. Tanta was beloved by many and even the mainstream media has taken note of her passing. So sad.


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