Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Priorities

This is pretty sad:

Doesn't it seem a little odd that when you have a ball player (Roger Clemens) who lies to Congress about steroid use in baseball, the U.S. Attorney or DC convenes a grand jury to consider a perjury indictment, but when an official of the Justice Department (Bradley Schlozman) lies to Congress about trying to politicize the civil service within DOJ, the U.S. Attorney fo DC passes on further investigation or prosecution? Which really seems like the more significant problem for the country?

Lame. Then again, I spend a lot more time choosing powers for my D&D characters than I do helping people still suffering from the civil war in Congo. But then again, helping people in Africa isn't my official job, whereas prosecuting people who lie to Congress about major political mafeasance is the official job of a U.S. Attorney.

Tell you what: I'll give a small contribution to the Presbyterian Disaster Relief Fund for aid in Congo. Then you government lawyers go do your jobs. Then I'll optimize my D&D character.

Done. (Internal Monologue policy: I don't link to or tout donations to causes that I don't actually give to myself.)

I probably shouldn't have picked a charity with a religious affiliation I disagree with. But I wanted to make a point quickly and they seemed legitimate. I'll forgive them their theological errors if they are doing good work that I'm to busy/self-involved to undertake.

Before D&D characters can be optimized, however, I must make and consume dinner.


Blogger Volly said...


Don't forget the UUSC. They do a lot...


3:13 PM, January 14, 2009  

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