Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yo, Obama, Republicans are not interested in compromising with you

Not a single Republican in the House voted for the economic stimulus package. So what were House Democrats and Obama doing watering it down with all kinds of compromises to placate Republican hissy fits? Republicans have no political incentive to get on board with Obama. So can we please not deny poor people contraceptive funding on at their behest?


Blogger grishnash said...

I think (hope) that this is part of a larger strategy. Obama has thought that way throughout his career, and has managed to pull it off. I don't know if I have confidence to say the same about Democrats in Congress.

The theory is that he's now shown that he can make a reasonable compromise, and still get it rejected out of hand. Republicans now have lost any credibility if they later claim that Obama isn't willing to listen to their concerns.

So, the bill got passed but with a few minor concessions that make it somewhat less than optimal. All of these can be corrected in later bills, and Republican objections can be ignored.

If anyone's paying attention, it should have started the process of killing the "Obama needs to reach across the aisle" meme.

9:48 AM, January 29, 2009  

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