Thursday, January 29, 2009

Auto industry continues to try to block higher fuel efficiency

I guess you can't teach Detroit:

So, remember how we're going to dump billions and billions of dollars into the laps of the Big Three automakers, to rescue them from their own myopic decisions? And remember how automakers are suing the crap out of every state that tries to implement California's tailpipe emission standards? Remember how Obama green-lit the waiver for those standards yesterday, and how those standards are overwhelmingly supported by the public?

Putting all that together, it occurred to New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert to wonder whether automakers will use that taxpayer money to fund their lawsuits against, um, taxpayers.

So she contacted them, and the following day put up a second post: Yes. Yes, they are going to use taxpayer money to sue taxpayers.

Bail out the people. Bail out the communities. Let the stupid companies fail. I hear there's global overcapacity in the auto industry anyway. At the very least, attach a bunch of strings to the money they get. I'm tired of not getting any public benefit for all the public money that's being spent.


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